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A photo of me sinking while white water rafting at Kuala Kubu Bharu Chris Poskitt


I'm British by birth and hail from Yorkshire in the north of England, known to locals as God's Own County on account of its beautiful countryside. I was also fortunate to spend some of my formative years in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, where I became a dual citizen, and seeded a passion for nature and travelling.

Outside of work I unwind by playing the piano, running, hiking, gaming (lifelong Nintendo fanboy), and drinking the occasional beer or two with friends. Recently, I managed to survive white water rafting in Kuala Kubu Bharu (spending much of the experience underneath the raft). Though an utterly hopeless cook, I'm something of a foodie and love the cuisine of Southeast Asia. I unapologetically share my meals on Instagram.


Answers to the questions that nobody ever asked!

My favourite...

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Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysia (2017)

I climbed Mt. Kinabalu (Borneo) in September 2017, during a moment of temporary fitness.

Photo from the summit of Mt. Kinabalu

Kuala Selangor, Malaysia (2018)

I am known to some as the Monkey Whisperer.

Photo of a monkey sitting on my shoulder in Kuala Selangor Photo of my impending doom as a family of monkeys surround me

Sandbox VR, Singapore (2019)

Taking out the bad guys and crashing into good ones.

Photo of me playing a virtual reality shooting game with friends

Various Park Connectors, Singapore (2020)

Was there really anything else to do in 2020?

A rather unflattering photo of me at the end of a morning run Certificate of completion for the Straits Times Virtual Run in 2020, 175km category