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Chris Poskitt


Service Appointments

I hold the following responsibilities at SMU:

2023–present Member, Faculty Senate, SMU
2023–present Director, Undergraduate Administration, SCIS
2022–present Director, Smart-City Management & Technology Programme, SCIS

Invited Talks

2020 Facilitating an Effective Mixed-Mode Class [resources]
Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) Seminar, SMU
2019 Securing and Trusting Cyber-Physical Systems
CIS Department Seminar, University of Melbourne
2018 Learning from Mutants: Using Code Mutation to Learn and Monitor Invariants of a Cyber-Physical System
Programming Systems Group Seminar, UCSD
2015 A Graph-Based Semantics Workbench for Concurrent Asynchronous Programs [slides]
Dagstuhl Seminar no. 15451: Verification of Evolving Graph Structures
Hoare-Style Verification for GP 2 [slides]
Dagstuhl Seminar no. 15451: Verification of Evolving Graph Structures

PhD Examination

I have evaluated the PhD dissertations of the following students:

ongoing Towards Evaluating How Easy It Is to Explain a Neural Network’s Decisions
Mengdi Zhang, SMU
2023 Attacks and Defenses of Cyber Physical Systems
Moshe Kravchik, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
2022 A Hybrid Scheme for Intrusion Detection in Cyber Physical Systems
Muhammad Azmi Umer, KIET
2019 Automatic Defense and Analysis of Cyber-Physical Systems
Yuqi Chen, SUTD
2019 Learning Invariants and Assertions
Pham Hong Long, SUTD
2016 Seamless Heterogeneous Computing: Combining GPGPU and Task Parallelism
Alexey Kolesnichenko, ETH Zürich


Programme Committees:

2023 ESEC/FSE, ICGT (Co-Chair), ICSE (SRC Judge), iFM (PhD Symp.)
2022 GCM (Co-Chair), AIoTS, SiMLA
2021 SiMLA
2018 iFM, CPS-SPC

Organising Committees:

2023 STAF (Web Chair)
2014 Niklaus Wirth 80th Birthday Symposium

Journal Refereeing

See my CV for conference/workshop subreviewing.