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Photo of the School of Information Systems (SIS) at Singapore Management University (SMU) Chris Poskitt


Teaching is one of the most rewarding parts of my job: it's always satisfying to bring about a student's lightbulb moment, or to get them excited about the state-of-the-art. I also find that it makes me a better researcher, by keeping me grounded, and training me on finding the right abstractions to communicate technical ideas.

My teaching style is guided by the belief that actively engaged students learn more effectively. My classes mix mini-presentations with exercises, clicker questions, and interactive discussions, using these different modalities to keep the delivery engaging but also to help students consolidate their learning. I utilise elements of the flipped classroom to introduce technical concepts ahead of class. I also use technology (e.g. Piazza, Slack) to provide additional avenues both to seek help, and to learn by giving help.

I was honoured to win SMU's Most Promising Teacher Award in 2023.

Students Supervised

I had the honour to work with:

EngD, ongoing Lisa Zhao (co-supervised with David Lo)
EngD, ongoing Huang Shaofei (co-supervised with Lwin Khin Shar)
PhD, ongoing Ivan Tan (co-supervised with Lingxiao Jiang)
PhD, ongoing Yang Sun (co-supervised with Jun Sun)
[ICSE'24] [ICSE'24] [TSE'23] [ASE'22]
PhD, 2019 Yuqi Chen (co-supervised with Jun Sun)
[ASE'19] [S&P'18] [DMCIS'17] [FM'16]
PhD, 2016 Alexey Kolesnichenko (co-supervised with Bertrand Meyer)
[COMLAN'17] [GPCE'15]
Master's, 2015 Claudio Corrodi
[FAC'18] [FASE'16] [GaM'15]

as well as a number of excellent undergraduates, including: Jowett Chng (2024), Emmanuel Oh (2023), Ivan Tan Wei Han (2022-23), Daniel Varghese Hanley (2020-21), Chester Koh Boon Hong, Chung Wah Kit, and Sesilia Fenina Gunawan (all 2019-20).

Courses at SMU

2023-24 Term 2 IS213: Enterprise Solution Development
2023-24 Term 1 CS302: IT Solution Lifecycle Management
IS212: Software Project Management
2022-23 Term 2 IS213: Enterprise Solution Development  [rating: 6.9 / 7]
2022-23 Term 1 CS302: IT Solution Lifecycle Management  [rating: 6.8]
IS212: Software Project Management  [rating: 6.9]
2021-22 Term 2 IS213: Enterprise Solution Development  [rating: 6.7]
IS215: Digital Business - Technologies and Transformation  [rating: 6.8]
2021-22 Term 1 CS302: IT Solution Lifecycle Management  [rating: 6.7]
IS212: Software Project Management  [rating: 6.8]
2020-21 Term 2 IS213: Enterprise Solution Development  [rating: 6.8]
IS215: Digital Business - Technologies and Transformation  [rating: 6.8]
2020-21 Term 1 IS216: Web Application Development 2    [rating: 6.7]
2019-20 Term 2 IS213: Enterprise Solution Development  [rating: 6.5]
IS113: Web Application Development 1  [rating: 6.4]

SMU scale: 5 = Good; 6 = Very Good; 7 = Excellent

Courses at SUTD

2019 10.009: Digital World  [rating: 4.8 / 5]
01.400/1: Capstone  [rating: 4.9]
2018 10.009: Digital World  [rating: 4.8]
01.400/1: Capstone  [rating: 4.5]

SUTD scale: 4 = Good; 5 = Very Good

Courses at ETH Z├╝rich

2015 252-0239-00: Software Verification  [my resources]
252-0268-00: Concepts of Concurrent Computation  [my resources]
2014 252-0239-00: Software Verification
252-0268-00: Concepts of Concurrent Computation
2013 252-0239-00: Software Verification
263-2100-00: Research Topics in Software Engineering

Courses at the University of York

2012 COM00005C: Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

I received a Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Award for my contributions at York.